Bus Transport

There are a number of Bus companies that service the school.  Students will need to see front office reception and request the appropriate form for each leg of their bus trip.  i.e:  If they use Ryans for the first part of their trip and then Busways for the rest of their trip then they will need to fill out two forms.

Once the form has been filled out it will need to be returned to the school to be signed and stamped.

Please be aware that it can take up to two weeks for Busways to process the form as it is sent to Sydney to be processed.  During this time students will have to pay the bus fare each day.

The bus companies that service the school are listed below. 

Sawtell Coaches
02 6653 3344

02 6652 3201


02 6652 2744


Beaumont's Bus Service
02 6653 8993


Newcombe Bus Line
0438 581 418


02 6562 7800


Natureland Bus Service
0421 164 311