Coffs Harbour Christian Community School

Parking and Drop-Off

Junior School

Due to Curacoa Street having very limited parking, we have a drop off and pick up procedure that involves the bus zone directly out the front of the school. 

Morning Drop-Off

Cars can park in the bus zone for no longer than 3 minutes whilst children are dropped off. Cars must then leave.

Afternoon Pickup

The following are the guidelines if you would like to pick your child up from curbside in the afternoon.

  • A note is required to the office outlining this is your preference
  • A yellow sign will be issued with your surname. This is to be placed on the dashboard when pulling up
  • Students using the curbside pick up will be waiting on the inside of the main gate
  • Staff with walkie talkies on the curb side will then radio through the surname of the student required as the car approaches
  • The student will then be released by the Staff member supervising them

If your child is not at the gate when you arrive, you are required to circle around the block and rejoin the line. This system works extremely well when cars keep moving, remembering they are only permitted to ‘stop’ for 3 minutes

A Parking Ranger has frequently booked cars for stopping too long, or who are double parked waiting to slip into the bus zone, so PLEASE remember to be patient if you wish to use this system for picking up your child. Fines are $304 and 2 demerit points, therefore it is definitely worth being patient with this system, or parking and coming into the school grounds to pick them up.

Middle/Senior School

Parents who are dropping off or picking their child up during bus times must use the designated drop off point at the front of the school on Bonville Station Road itself.  Parents are advised not to drive into the school grounds during the bus times.